BlitzMax-NG is a multi-target programming language based on Blitz Research Limited’s excellent BlitzMax software.

The suite of tools provided by BlitzMax-NG are revamped versions of the set contained in the original BlitzMax package (More notably, bmk and bcc), they are open source, and released under the zlib/libpng-licence.

Traditionally, the original BlitzMax software can only compile BlitzMax source code for three x86 platforms (Windows, OSX and Linux), there is no cross-compiling and each build must be compiled on the respected platform. BlitzMax-NG on the other hand, can cross-compile to a slew of platforms and architectures, more notably:-

  • Windows (x86,x64)
  • MacOS (x86,x64)
  • Linux (x86,x84)
  • Raspberry Pi (ARM)
  • Android (x86, x64, arm, armeabi, armeabiv7a, arm64v8a)
  • iOS (x86, x64 (simulator), armv7, arm64)
  • Emscripten (Javascript)

Options vary depending on the current OS/architecture/installed toolchain and version of bcc.

The BlitzMax-NG project was created and is maintained by Bruce Henderson (AKA Brucey), with kind permission from BlitzMax’s original author, Mark Sibly.

For help and support on the usage of BlitzMax-NG, please visit Brucey’s little section at the official BlitzMax website (Click HERE to visit), also, to show appreciation of the work Brucey has done, visit his site and donate a few quid to the man, go on, he deserves it! 😉